Process Systems Romania is a Romanian company based in Cluj Napoca, established in 1997. Its main business is designing and implementing integrated business management systems for small/medium/large, national and multinational companies.

In the last years, our company has made a critical analysis of some integrated business systems, of their advantages and limits. As a result we have designed and built our own software, called IMage. Conceived with a modern architecture, involving a high degree of generalization and abstraction, IMage offers an accurate image of the company to the management.

The system can be used both in Intranet and Internet. The relative data access performance through the network can be optimised by each and every single user, by means of a paging mechanism.

In order to minimize the costs, we decided the implementation and configuration process to be always made by us. Although we offer post implementation services, the necessary changes during the current operation can also be made by the user, further prior training.

Now, you may wonder if our product is not too sophisticated to be used by your company. Nothing farther from the truth. The solution we offer to the end user is extremely simple. The whole complexity underlies in the configuration module. This allows adaptation to the changes in the business rules or in the legislation in a natural manner, not being necessary to supply other software versions.

IMage was designed to be used by any company, including complex technology production companies, with whatever wide the product range, and where stock control is of special importance.

Although IMage is an integrated system, and was conceived to work as an entity, its components, namely Accounting and Financial Management, Personnel and Wages, as well as Fixed Asset Management, can be delivered as standalone components, allowing their integration in the user's information systems.

Thanks to its specialists' expertise and professionalism, Process Systems Romania offers you a complete and state of the art solution for the success of your business. The power of the IMage system consists in its capacity of supplying the management with relevant analyses on the company's current situation and progress. These analyses can be either standard, conceived by us, or flexible, conceived ad hoc by the user.