IMage is an integrated business management system for national and multinational medium/large companies. As we are in the Intel / Microsoft technology age, our product was designed for platforms based exclusively on this technology. IMage can be used both in Intranet and Internet. The relative data access performance through the network can be optimised by each and every single user, by means of a paging mechanism.

The architecture is of Client/Server type and requires Microsoft Windows family operating systems. The database management system is Microsoft SQL Server.

Main characteristics:
  • It integrates four components:
    • SuperMan - System manager
    • Sophistica - Accounting and financial management
    • Payroll - Personnel and wages
    • Fixed Assets - Fixed asset management
  • The components are modular and scalable
  • Each component has its own configuration module
  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency
  • Multilingual
  • Three level security
  • Flexible reporting